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This page is a collection of projects, programs, and games I have made in the past few years. The programing languages/platforms I use are C++, Java, VB, 3DGS, and some of the games I made a while ago were made in TGF. Be sure to sign the guest book (at the bottom of this page).

Last Updated on December 07, 2005:

November 29 ,2005:

  • Picked up a Go Kart frame and uploaded some pictures.

July 6, 2005:

June 29, 2005:
April 23, 2005:
Update: March 12, 2005:
  • Added a Chemistry section and a coffee creamer reaction video.
Update: January 30 2005:
Stuff Added:

12/24/03- Some files were missing in the fighter game. I added them to the zip file. It should all work now.

12/23/03: I uploaded the Beta Version of a 3D fighting game I made.

 2002-2003 - (Sometime between those two dates) Site is up! Too bad I didn't write down the exact date.
Stuff Added:




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