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Description: This is one of the most advanced programs I have written in vb. It allows you to control a computer from another computer without physically being there. You can remotly control and access the computers files from any computer (running windows) as long as both pc's have internet or are on the same network. It has functions to allow you to: control the keystrokes and mouse pointer movement, left click and right click, make notepad pop up and type into it, open any exe, get screenshots, open and close the cd drive, play sounds, load files onto the hardrive, and view the other computer's screen on your screen while moveing the mouse around and being able to click anywhere on the screen of the computer being controlled.

So where is the download? This is the only program that I am not currently allowing to be downloaded due to the fact that I know people will misuse it and instead of using it for a simple and harmless prank on a friend (and stoping when they ask you to), or trying to get access to your computer when you are gone, it will be used improperly. But here are some screen shots of it. It turns out to be alot of fun in the computer lab.

Compact and remote control graphic mode options.

Normal remote control graphic mode.

Compact mode.

File Browser.