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Chemistry: Coffee Creamer

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Disclaimer: This section of the site is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to, nor does it support, the practice of what is described on this page. I do not take responsibility for anything you may do based off of this information.

With that said, lets move on. This is a reaction that uses non-dairy coffee creamer. The creamer is not combustable when sitting in the jar. Why not? It does not have the correct ratio of oxygen to ignite. When poured over a flame, it mixes with the oxygen in the air and combusts.
I am not yet sure of the chemical formula for the reaction, I don't have access to the coffee creamer jar so I can't see what it is made up of (threw it out at my friends house), but I will try to find out.  The highest flame we got was about 10 feet high. You can download a video of it below.

Click Here To Download The Video (2.31MB)