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Chemistry: Hydrogen

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Disclaimer: This section of the site is for informational purposes only. I do not take responsibility for anything you may do based off of this information.

H2O Hydrolysis:

I have done a decent amount of experimentation with generating hydrogen, but I do not claim to be an expert on chemistry.
Hydrolysis:  I used salt water and a 9-volt (and a few other dc-sources) in my experiments. I collected it by using a beaker filled with salt-water which was turned upsidedown in a container of salt-water. The anode and cathode were both mounted (I think it was with duct tape) inside the beaker (close together, but not touching). This method allows for the collection of one atmosphere of hydrogen.
It has instructions for a basic hydrolysis experiment.
NAOH + AL + H20 Method:
I have also tried another method of obtaining hydrogen. The NaOH method. The results were dispointing because it was very cold that day and the tubes that directed the hydrogen and the water were freezing up. So, my friend and I decided to give up and take the generator (if you call a few tubes and some jars a generator) apart so that pressure didn't build up, because when that happens, unwanted results tend to occur. It was generating hydrogen, quite rapidly at one point, but we havn't tried since then. This method is actually alot more dangerous then the running electricity through water method, seeing that you are dealing with a poisionouus chemical, so I do not recommend it.
Update: March 30 2005. Me and my friend (Andrew) succeded in generating hydrogen from water Lye and Aluminum. We filled some balloons and lit them on fire. We have a video of it but I didn't upload it to the computer yet.