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Here is a project that I started a while ago but I never got it to work the way it should. When I say hoverboard I am not refering to a "hoverboard" that operates silently and is the size of a skateboard like in "Back to the Future." This hoverboard is actually a small hovercraft that operates on an 8 horsepower engine and uses a fan for lift and thrust. When finished it is supposed to hover slightly off of the ground and move at 20-25 mhp. When I tested it it lifted itself off the ground, but it could not lift with me on it. I met with a person who works with hovercrafts and he told me I need to redesign the skirt and get a better fan. Just a side note, I also got to meet the guy who invented the hovercraft.

If your interested in hovercrafts, check this site out: It gives plans for a small hovercraft that operates off of a leafblower and can lift an adult. I build one with an electric leaf blower and it works quit well; however it does not have a thrust system so it only hovers.

Click the images for a larger view:

The thrust duct:
It used to have rudders but I took them off temporaily.

The Skirt:
And just when you thought I wouldn't use duct tape...

The AC fan:
One of the reasons it doesn't yet work.

Lift duct:
The box sticking out goes to the thrust duct.