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I started this along time ago and it has slowly been built over a few years period. I actually build it, took it apart, put it together, took it apart, and put it together one last time. The reason for this was that I never used plans. I looked over a few diagrams and pictures of other halfpipes and decided to go build my own. The first time I built it I used angled 2X4's to create the slant, but that didn't give a good transition so I removed the plywood and the 2X4's that made up the transition and replaced it with plywood with an arc cut into it and put 2X4's between the plywood (this is a much better way to get the transition and most halfpipes are build this way). That time, I was satisfied with the transition; well, mostly satisfied. It was 6 feet tall with about 1 foot of vert. I was ten or eleven when I started building it so I didn't know that, on average, you should have 1 foot of vert for an 8 foot pipe. So later, I took it apart (only partially) and cut it down to about 4.5 ft. It was alot better to skate after that and it didn't feel like you were hitting a wall everytime you went up the transition. The picture above was taken while it was raining and the flat-bottom of the ramp has leaves, sticks, puddles, and some holes on it. It has had its years of use. You can click the above image for a larger view.