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I have two CVS disposable digital cameras that I modified so that I can upload the pictures onto my computer (they are now "indisposable"). I also added a remote control to one of the cameras, so thay you could snap a picture wirelessly. I used the romote and circuit from a cheap rc plane and stuck a transistor where the motor used to be to snap the picture. I wanted to get some shots from up in the sky so I calculated how many balloons I would need and went to Party City to buy them. They fill the balloons up with helium for free if you buy from them. It was about $2 total for 20 12" helium balloons. I tied them to the camera but it didn't have enough power to lift. At the time, the entire camera and remote reciever system was running on 4 AA batteries. So I rewired a little and made it work off of 2. It still wouldn't lift, so I put in 2 AAA and it worked. I took it out to a field and let it go. It took a while to get it up because it was windy. I had some fishing line tied to it so I could pull it back down when I was finished taking pictures. It didn't go nearly as high as I would have liked, next time I am going to use some more balloon power (maybe a weather balloon). Most of the pictures were not very good at all, all you see is grass, but I got a few that were okay. Below are a few of the better ones and also a few that show the whole balloon setup. Click the image for a larger view.